Starting Over: Scaling A New Business From $0 to $60K Months


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Nicknamed the “creator to the creators”, Diane Armitage is the powerhouse behind many well-known million and billion-dollar brands like Bob Proctor, Jay Abraham, and the creators of Chicken Soup for the Soul.

Despite an impressive thirty years as an entrepreneur with several successful businesses she ran behind the scenes already under her belt, Diane was still scared to put her face out there and start her own personal brand. After joining our mentorship program, Cubicle to CEO, Diane finally took the leap. Today’s case study...

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This Free 1 Hour Class Doubled Her Business To $20K Months - Watch It This Week


You’ve heard me share my free masterclass in almost every episode of the podcast, but today’s guest is proof that watching this free training can lead to MASSIVE results.

Kat Araujo started her branding agency, Afternoon Culture, in 2018, and despite having reached $10K months already, she was struggling to scale beyond that.

She stumbled across my free masterclass, understandably skeptical of how much value a free training could truly provide, but decided to give it a shot since she had nothing to lose.

After watching my masterclass and implementing the lessons we cover in that single hour, Kat quickly doubled her business revenue to consistent $20,000 months.

These were her results from literally just my FREE masterclass, not even my paid programs.

Today’s case study examines the revenue breakdown of her $20K months, how she went from being scared to charge her clients $3,000 to raising her minimum project rate to $5,000, and the biggest shifts from my...

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The Questions Real Small Business Owners Are Asking on Scaling, Hiring, Investing & More


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The community that we have created with Cubicle to CEO never ceases to amaze me. This week’s episode was actually recorded live because it just so happened that I reached 25,000 friends on my personal Instagram account on the 25th of August. To celebrate, I hopped on live for 25 minutes to answer the questions that have been on my audience’s minds.

They asked some incredible, high-quality questions about how to continue to scale after hitting your first $10K month, tips for hiring, why email lists are important, how to audit your IG account, and when is the right time to invest in your business. Press...

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How To Make 2-4X More Money Per Client (and Save $10K+ In Taxes)


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If taxes make you want to cry, today’s guest is going to be your new best friend. Here to share how she saves her clients a minimum of $10,000 in taxes per year through overlooked deductions is tax strategist Jessica Smith, founder & CEO of Tax Savvy Jessica. After having her business as a side hustle for almost a decade, Jessica realized how much her ‘stable job’ was holding her back from the potential of her own company. She joined our Cubicle to CEO membership and within a year of implementing our Consistent Clients Cashflow System, had reached her first $10K month and took the leap from full-time employee to going full-time in her business and hiring her own employee!

Stick around to hear 3 things all business owners need to do to prepare for tax season, her #1 tax saving vehicle you should consider, and how she changed her service structure to earn 2-4x...

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How Recurring Profit Grew Her Business From $12 to $6 Million (feat. Haley Burkhead)


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always a good day on the podcast when I get to host one of my dear friends, and today you get to meet the brilliant Haley Burkhead. Haley is the creator of Recurring Profit. She uses sales psychology to help entrepreneurs scale their course or membership site to $1 million dollars with an evergreen funnel! I’ve seen the power of sales psychology first hand in growing my own membership to a six figure product, and also as a coach inside Haley’s Recurring Profit program. 

I brought her on today...

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