The Questions Real Small Business Owners Are Asking on Scaling, Hiring, Investing & More


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The community that we have created with Cubicle to CEO never ceases to amaze me. This week’s episode was actually recorded live because it just so happened that I reached 25,000 friends on my personal Instagram account on the 25th of August. To celebrate, I hopped on live for 25 minutes to answer the questions that have been on my audience’s minds.

They asked some incredible, high-quality questions about how to continue to scale after hitting your first $10K month, tips for hiring, why email lists are important, how to audit your IG account, and when is the right time to invest in your business. Press...

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Building a Thriving Online Community, Transforming a Blog Into a Business, & Angel Investing With AmyAnn Cadwell


I had the joy of interviewing Co-Founder and CEO of The Good Trade, AmyAnn Cadwell. The Good Trade is a premier online destination for sustainable lifestyle content, reaching 50 million readers each year through their website, daily newsletter, and cross-channel social media presence. AmyAnn has been revolutionizing and democratizing content for women who want to live more consciously, and has become a trusted thought leader on sustainable living. She has been recognized by Forbes and is a frequent speaker at conferences such as The Heart Series, BlogHer, and The Yellow Conference.  AmyAnn shares how she went from local Kansas City blogger to running a team of editors, contributors and staff for her global media brand in Los Angeles, the importance of creating quality content to cultivate an engaged online community, and her experience as an angel investor. 

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Favorite Takeaways From This Episode

When building a business it's...

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