How A Service-Based Business Grows From $955/Mo. To Making $13,000/Mo. In 5 Months


We’re back with another inspiring $10K month case study with Cubicle to CEO member, Sarah Breshears.

If you’re new to the podcast, Cubicle to CEO is my 12 month mentorship program where we help service providers, coaches, and consultants make their first $10,000 revenue month from a 1:1 service without a large following or posting every day. We’re on a mission to help 500 women achieve this financial milestone in their business journey, and so far dozens of our members have already gotten there. You can listen to all the past $10K month member case study episodes at ellenyin.com/halloffame.

Sarah and her sister started their social media agency, Social Moguls, on Christmas Day of 2020 and have had explosive growth in less than a year. The month before joining Cubicle to CEO, Sarah’s agency made $955 total, but just 5 short months after implementing our Consistent Clients Cashflow System, she not only reached the...

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This Free 1 Hour Class Doubled Her Business To $20K Months - Watch It This Week


You’ve heard me share my free masterclass in almost every episode of the podcast, but today’s guest is proof that watching this free training can lead to MASSIVE results.

Kat Araujo started her branding agency, Afternoon Culture, in 2018, and despite having reached $10K months already, she was struggling to scale beyond that.

She stumbled across my free masterclass, understandably skeptical of how much value a free training could truly provide, but decided to give it a shot since she had nothing to lose.

After watching my masterclass and implementing the lessons we cover in that single hour, Kat quickly doubled her business revenue to consistent $20,000 months.

These were her results from literally just my FREE masterclass, not even my paid programs.

Today’s case study examines the revenue breakdown of her $20K months, how she went from being scared to charge her clients $3,000 to raising her minimum project rate to...

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What You Don’t Know About My Story (And My #1 Strategy In Business Revealed)


I have a real treat for you guys this week. Today I will be the one in the interview seat! My friend Tiff Cheng so graciously allowed me to share this episode of her podcast, Become An Entrepreneur, where she interviewed me and we really had the best time chatting about everything under the sun. There is a lot about my story I haven’t shared on this show previously, so I am very excited to open up more of my life to you guys.

I just loved how this conversation was so honest about what it’s really like to leave the cubicle world and dive head first into being the CEO of your own business. If you want to hear more about what it was like for me immigrating to the US and being raised in an Asian household, why I think your comfort zone is like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and my #1 business strategy (that has nothing to do with marketing), then I would love for you guys to give this episode a listen!

Also, if you...

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Unpopular Opinion: Imposter Syndrome Is A Good Thing


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It has been a hot minute since I’ve sat down to record an episode alone that wasn’t an income report! I am so amped to be recording this quick episode for you guys on how to battle Impostor Syndrome. Everyone I know has faced impostor syndrome at one point or another, and many still confront it all the time in their business. That is why today I am here to share 3 tips that I use to face and overcome my impostor syndrome as I continue to grow my business. Press play if you want to hear these tips, as well as what your impostor syndrome says about you, and an easy way to start tackling it TODAY!

 Want to make your first $10k month? Watch our FREE Masterclass to learn how!

Favorite Takeaways From This Episode

  • "Just because someone is further along in their business journey than you, doesn't mean that they don't struggle with the same things that you do."
  • Impostor syndrome should not be the measure of...
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