How This Neurodivergent Artist Increased Her Income From $250 to $10K/Month With An Online Course About Cooking Chinese Food


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Today’s case study features artist Linda Yi, founder of Panda Cub Stories. Linda became her own patron and went from making $250/month on Patreon to reaching her first $10K month with Panda Cub Diner - an online course she first created inside our 3 day Paid To Create Challenge that teaches Chinese food lovers how to LOVE making healthy and authentic Sichuan food at home. If you, like Linda, also sell a service or product that is not centered on business or making your customers more money, you’ll especially love Linda’s advice on how to still convey the important value of the work you do.

Linda also speaks candidly with us about what it’s...

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[$10K MONTH CASE STUDY] How This Stay-At-Home Mom Built Her Business (& Employs Other Moms)


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In today’s case study, we explore how a stay-at-home mom was able to build a business that makes $10K a month and employs other moms and primary caregivers. Kara Hoholik is the founder of Social For Good Co., a social impact marketing agency that helps small businesses, entrepreneurs, and nonprofits amplify their message through compelling content and building a community around their work.

Before joining our 12 month Cubicle to CEO mentorship program, Kara used to charge between $200-$500 for her services, and would even lose money working with some of her clients. Now her services start at $2,000 monthly retainers, and her work has been featured on The List TV, Ticker News, and the New York Times.

Listen to this episode to hear how you can apply the same intentionality Kara has mastered to uplevel the clientele you’re attracting and your pricing!


Connect with Kara:

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How A Service-Based Business Grows From $955/Mo. To Making $13,000/Mo. In 5 Months


We’re back with another inspiring $10K month case study with Cubicle to CEO member, Sarah Breshears.

If you’re new to the podcast, Cubicle to CEO is my 12 month mentorship program where we help service providers, coaches, and consultants make their first $10,000 revenue month from a 1:1 service without a large following or posting every day. We’re on a mission to help 500 women achieve this financial milestone in their business journey, and so far dozens of our members have already gotten there. You can listen to all the past $10K month member case study episodes at

Sarah and her sister started their social media agency, Social Moguls, on Christmas Day of 2020 and have had explosive growth in less than a year. The month before joining Cubicle to CEO, Sarah’s agency made $955 total, but just 5 short months after implementing our Consistent Clients Cashflow System, she not only reached the...

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How This Nutrition Coach Made Her First $14K Month By Keeping It Simple


Let’s be real: The holiday season isn’t usually a booming period for businesses focused on nutrition or health, with family gatherings and delicious treats making it almost impossible to get people’s attention. Today’s guest however, defied all industry norms and is here to share how she did it. 

Bonnie Campbell is a registered dietitian and nutritionist who founded The Nourished Path, a personalized nutrition coaching company. She joined my 12 month mentorship program, Cubicle to CEO, back in December, and within mere weeks of implementing the strategies I teach in my Consistent Clients Cashflow System, she had new clients enrolling in her program even during the week of Christmas! Since then she has not only reached her goal of making her first $10,000 revenue month, but actually exceeded that income goal and made a $14K month, plus brought on 3 new coaches to help her serve her expanding clientele!

Keep listening to hear how Bonnie used our CCC...

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