Increasing Program Enrollment by Over 200%: What Educators and Course Creators Can Learn From The CEO of Girls Who Code



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This week’s case study reveals how Girls Who Code increased enrollment in their programs by more than 200% during a global pandemic, a jump from 1600 to 5,000 students enrolled that brought their total students served to over 500,000. We’re joined in this interview by Dr. Tarika Barrett, the CEO of Girls Who Code, an international non-profit organization working to close the gender gap in technology.

With over two decades of building educational pathways for young people at organizations like the New York City Department of Education and New York University’s Center for Research on Teaching and Learning, along with an impressive list of accolades received for...

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How This Neurodivergent Artist Increased Her Income From $250 to $10K/Month With An Online Course About Cooking Chinese Food


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Today’s case study features artist Linda Yi, founder of Panda Cub Stories. Linda became her own patron and went from making $250/month on Patreon to reaching her first $10K month with Panda Cub Diner - an online course she first created inside our 3 day Paid To Create Challenge that teaches Chinese food lovers how to LOVE making healthy and authentic Sichuan food at home. If you, like Linda, also sell a service or product that is not centered on business or making your customers more money, you’ll especially love Linda’s advice on how to still convey the important value of the work you do.

Linda also speaks candidly with us about what it’s like to build a business as a...

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