How This Neurodivergent Artist Increased Her Income From $250 to $10K/Month With An Online Course About Cooking Chinese Food

$10k month artist course creator entrepreneurship market research neurodivergent online course paid to create challenge May 02, 2022

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Today’s case study features artist Linda Yi, founder of Panda Cub Stories. Linda became her own patron and went from making $250/month on Patreon to reaching her first $10K month with Panda Cub Diner - an online course she first created inside our 3 day Paid To Create Challenge that teaches Chinese food lovers how to LOVE making healthy and authentic Sichuan food at home. If you, like Linda, also sell a service or product that is not centered on business or making your customers more money, you’ll especially love Linda’s advice on how to still convey the important value of the work you do.

Linda also speaks candidly with us about what it’s like to build a business as a neurodivergent entrepreneur who is diagnosed with ADHD, and the practices that have helped her in her mental health journey. Take a listen.


Connect with Linda:


Favorite Takeaways From This Episode:

  • Linda's Cubicle to CEO story as an aspiring artist from an immigrant family.
  • Why she went into course creation as a monetization strategy.
  • How she went from $250/month from Patreon to $10K/month with her online course.
  • “I don’t know actually if this is the direction I would be going in if I wasn’t trying to figure out what was more business savvy.”
  • You don’t need to monetize EVERYTHING.
  • Walkthrough of her course launch + beta.
  • What Linda did when she noticed her students weren't working their way through her full course.
  • What key questions she asked her students to get feedback.
  • Never start a question with 'why'.
  • How to convey the value of your courses.
  • "The true value in every program that you join has more to do with the people you meet in that space.”
  • How mental health has impacted her journey as an entrepreneur + habits/practices that have helped her.
  • “I knew without words the limitations I thought my brain gave me.”
  • The one behavioral adjustment she made that helped her ADHD as an entrepreneur. 


  • What is your #1 must try chinese dish for new explorers of authentic chinese cuisine?
  • What was your favorite age growing up?
  • What is the first thing you would do if you won the lottery today?


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