How A Service-Based Business Grows From $955/Mo. To Making $13,000/Mo. In 5 Months


We’re back with another inspiring $10K month case study with Cubicle to CEO member, Sarah Breshears.

If you’re new to the podcast, Cubicle to CEO is my 12 month mentorship program where we help service providers, coaches, and consultants make their first $10,000 revenue month from a 1:1 service without a large following or posting every day. We’re on a mission to help 500 women achieve this financial milestone in their business journey, and so far dozens of our members have already gotten there. You can listen to all the past $10K month member case study episodes at ellenyin.com/halloffame.

Sarah and her sister started their social media agency, Social Moguls, on Christmas Day of 2020 and have had explosive growth in less than a year. The month before joining Cubicle to CEO, Sarah’s agency made $955 total, but just 5 short months after implementing our Consistent Clients Cashflow System, she not only reached the...

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Making $10K Months After Leaving Corporate America


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Today is super exciting because we have our very first returning guest on the show! After nearly 2 years, I could not be more thrilled to welcome back a friend, student, and now $10K month earner, Lesa Banks.

Lesa is a former Fortune 500 marketing executive who decided to hang up her slacks after 13 years in corporate America so she could work in her PJs from home, founding her own brand, Pajama Marketer. A mom with two young sons, Lesa helps other moms make MORE money while spending LESS time away from their families. She was actually one of the very first students in my membership, Cubicle to CEO, and used our Consistent Clients Cashflow System we teach in our program to generate multiple $10K months! Now in the third year of her entrepreneurial journey, she recently launched a...

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From Burnt Out to Three $10k DAYS In One Month


Finding the balance between work and personal time can be difficult to establish. Today’s guest knows all about the struggles of hustling too hard, and has done a full 180 in order to reprioritize and find time + emotional freedom.

Meet one of our Cubicle to CEO members, Apryl Thatch. 

Apryl achieved “six-figure success” in the finance risk management industry, but, feeling overworked and emotionally drained, she left her career to become a serial entrepreneur. 

She recently took a six week sabbatical to refresh her outlook, and today we chat about the importance of setting boundaries in your career, the difference between an employee and entrepreneur mindset, and how joining my membership, Cubicle to CEO, helped her achieve THREE $10K DAYS in a single month!

If you’re a service-based entrepreneur serious about making your first $10K month, check out out free masterclass to see if you’d be a good fit for our membership: ...

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