10K Followers Didn’t Make This Coach $10K Months (And What Actually Worked Instead)


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Today’s guest is no stranger to our Cubicle to CEO community as a membership alum turned success coach inside our 12 month mentorship program who has supported, cheered, and guided many of you along your journey to your first $10,000 month!

If you don’t know her yet, meet Casey Blum, a women’s weight loss coach and founder of Curvy in Thirty. In the last decade, Casey has had 31 jobs but after joining Cubicle to CEO almost 2 years ago, she is now 100% self-employed and in the first four months of 2021 made more in her business than she did working a full-time day job PLUS a part-time weekend gig. 

Today Casey’s sharing...

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How To Charge More: From $250 Projects to Landing $7500 Clients in 1 Year


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Have you heard? We’re on a mission to help 500 female entrepreneurs who work with clients make their first $10,000 month this year through our 12 month membership (we like to call it more of a mentorship), Cubicle to CEO!

Today’s guest is going in our $10K Hall of Fame as one of those 500 women, and we wanted to celebrate her on the show for reaching that milestone of her first $10K month - all with less than 500 Instagram followers! This is proof you can scale your business with a small audience!

Meet April Ray, a web designer and marketing strategist who creates websites that turn visitors into customers. This wife and mom of two little ones lives on a cattle farm in Kentucky and joined Cubicle to CEO when she was six weeks postpartum with a business that felt stagnant.

In her first 30 days with us, she...

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