This Free 1 Hour Class Doubled Her Business To $20K Months - Watch It This Week


You’ve heard me share my free masterclass in almost every episode of the podcast, but today’s guest is proof that watching this free training can lead to MASSIVE results.

Kat Araujo started her branding agency, Afternoon Culture, in 2018, and despite having reached $10K months already, she was struggling to scale beyond that.

She stumbled across my free masterclass, understandably skeptical of how much value a free training could truly provide, but decided to give it a shot since she had nothing to lose.

After watching my masterclass and implementing the lessons we cover in that single hour, Kat quickly doubled her business revenue to consistent $20,000 months.

These were her results from literally just my FREE masterclass, not even my paid programs.

Today’s case study examines the revenue breakdown of her $20K months, how she went from being scared to charge her clients $3,000 to raising her minimum project rate to $5,000, and the biggest shifts from my...

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The Top Tools + Systems You Need To Have Your Business Run Like A Well Oiled Machine


Want to learn how to make 6-figures a year working just 4 days a month, or hear hours of incredible business advice? Head over to systemssavedme.com to learn how to implement VIP Days into your business and binge, over 300 episodes of the Systems Saved Me Podcast.

When someone tells you to implement systems into your business, does your mind immediately go to automated voicemails that make you press a million numbers before finally being able to talk to a person? You’re not alone if you think that, but processes and automations don’t have to eliminate the human touch, they actually create more space for it by saving you a ton of time in your business. 

Today I have Jordan Gill from Systems Saved Me on the show to teach you how you can streamline your business using systems, while making sure your clients enjoy every step of your process. Jordan is an operations consultant who helps overworked one-woman shows become streamlined solopreneurs. 


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10K Followers Didn’t Make This Coach $10K Months (And What Actually Worked Instead)


Want to earn rewards for sharing a podcast you already listen to weekly? Join our Cubicle to CEO Referral Rewards Program to earn fun rewards like coffee on us, free access to our business resources, and even a spot to be featured on the show! Learn more about our program  or sign up right now at ellenyin.com/superfan!

Today’s guest is no stranger to our Cubicle to CEO community as a membership alum turned success coach inside our 12 month mentorship program who has supported, cheered, and guided many of you along your journey to your first $10,000 month!

If you don’t know her yet, meet Casey Blum, a women’s weight loss coach and founder of Curvy in Thirty. In the last decade, Casey has had 31 jobs but after joining Cubicle to CEO almost 2 years ago, she is now 100% self-employed and in the first four months of 2021 made more in her business than she did working a full-time day job PLUS a part-time weekend gig. 

Today Casey’s sharing...

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How To Charge More: From $250 Projects to Landing $7500 Clients in 1 Year


Play BINGO with us! Go to @cubicletoceo to learn how you can win a $100 Amazon Gift Card for while playing a game of our Podcast BINGO!

Have you heard? We’re on a mission to help 500 female entrepreneurs who work with clients make their first $10,000 month this year through our 12 month membership (we like to call it more of a mentorship), Cubicle to CEO!

Today’s guest is going in our $10K Hall of Fame as one of those 500 women, and we wanted to celebrate her on the show for reaching that milestone of her first $10K month - all with less than 500 Instagram followers! This is proof you can scale your business with a small audience!

Meet April Ray, a web designer and marketing strategist who creates websites that turn visitors into customers. This wife and mom of two little ones lives on a cattle farm in Kentucky and joined Cubicle to CEO when she was six weeks postpartum with a business that felt stagnant.

In her first 30 days with us, she...

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