The Top Tools + Systems You Need To Have Your Business Run Like A Well Oiled Machine


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When someone tells you to implement systems into your business, does your mind immediately go to automated voicemails that make you press a million numbers before finally being able to talk to a person? You’re not alone if you think that, but processes and automations don’t have to eliminate the human touch, they actually create more space for it by saving you a ton of time in your business. 

Today I have Jordan Gill from Systems Saved Me on the show to teach you how you can streamline your business using systems, while making sure your clients enjoy every step of your process. Jordan is an operations consultant who helps overworked one-woman shows become streamlined solopreneurs. 


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How To Turn The Information In Your Head Into A System That You Can Outsource


You definitely will not need to play this on 2x speed because today’s guest is packing as much knowledge as possible into every second of this episode! Here to tell us how implementing systems took her from working in a grocery store to growing and managing a team for her thriving agency, is Say Gabriel! 

After a lifetime of knowing that writing and communication was her calling, Say created the career of her dreams through her digital agency - Anansi Content - and quickly scaled it to 6 figures in just two years. The turning point for her was when she started creating and implementing systems in every area of her business. You all better have your pen and paper at the ready because listening to Say had me excited to start drawing out flow charts!

Stay tuned in to hear the two expectations to get rid of when you’re hiring, the thought processes you can walk yourself through to determine which parts of your business to outsource first, and how to simplify systems so...

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