Best Of 2021: 5 Tips You Need To Hear Again Before The New Year


Friends, we have made it to the end of another year! We want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported us throughout this year, and has tuned in every week to listen to the podcast to hear from the brightest minds in business. Our team loves producing this show as a passion project, and we are so happy you have followed along our journey, and learned alongside us!

As our final episode of the year, we thought it would be fun to clip snippets from your top 5 favorite episodes from this year. Press play as we reshare some of our favorite takeaways that you may have missed, or you might just need to hear again as we enter 2022!

Thank you all SO much for listening, and have a very happy holidays!

XO, Team Cubicle to CEO

Check out the full versions of these featured episodes:

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How She Got Her First Client With Only 30 Followers On Instagram


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Our next guest is coming to you all the way from the land down under. Jennifer McKinley became a serial entrepreneur after realizing her corporate job was no longer bringing fulfillment to her life. Now, she is the founder and CEO of Cor Silver Skincare, and more recently The Beauty of Profit First, a company dedicated to helping small businesses take control of their company’s finances without having to learn or understand accounting.

Jennifer is a student in Cubicle to CEO, my annual membership that helps entrepreneurs who offer client services make their first $10,000 month. Not only did she achieve her $10K month, but Jennifer also successfully implemented the methods I teach inside...

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How to Reach Thousands of Your Dream People on IG With a Tiny Following


I hope you’re excited because today we are talking about how to get in front of thousands of your dream people even if you have a tiny online audience. People often ask me, “Ellen, how do I grow online and get more followers?” And while I don’t think that’s a bad question, I do want to show you a faster way to get in front of more of the RIGHT people...hashtags!

Listen in to hear how to optimize your hashtag usage to bring thousands of new people to your account, how to go mini-viral on a tiny account, and the top three mistakes I see entrepreneurs make with hashtags (and how to avoid making them). This short and sweet episode is packed with tangible takeaways, so you’ll want to grab a pen and paper for this one!

Get Hashtag Hacks for $27!

Favorite Takeaways From This Episode

  • Hashtags give you free traffic!
  • Think about hashtags like a visual search engine on Instagram.
  • Hashtags put you in front of people who are actively searching for...
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