How She Got Her First Client With Only 30 Followers On Instagram

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Our next guest is coming to you all the way from the land down under. Jennifer McKinley became a serial entrepreneur after realizing her corporate job was no longer bringing fulfillment to her life. Now, she is the founder and CEO of Cor Silver Skincare, and more recently The Beauty of Profit First, a company dedicated to helping small businesses take control of their company’s finances without having to learn or understand accounting.

Jennifer is a student in Cubicle to CEO, my annual membership that helps entrepreneurs who offer client services make their first $10,000 month. Not only did she achieve her $10K month, but Jennifer also successfully implemented the methods I teach inside my Hashtag Hacks course and Paid to Create Challenge, proving that you don’t need a large audience to build a profitable business.

Keep listening to hear why it is so important to manage your finances with a profit first approach, how Parkinson’s Law impacts her business mindset, and how she got her first client with only 30 Instagram followers.

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Favorite Takeaways From This Episode:

  • The luxuries of creating a repeatable sales system.
  • How she helps small business owners get paid what they are worth.
  • What Parkinson's Law has to do with running a business.
  • Why it is important to name every dollar.
  • "Every single dollar of revenue that comes into the business already has a purpose."
  • Why you should't use money as a lazy way to solve your problems, no matter how much incoming cash you have. 
  • Make sure your existing business can fund future growth.
  • How hashtags helped her get clients with a small following. 


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