How to Reach Thousands of Your Dream People on IG With a Tiny Following


I hope you’re excited because today we are talking about how to get in front of thousands of your dream people even if you have a tiny online audience. People often ask me, “Ellen, how do I grow online and get more followers?” And while I don’t think that’s a bad question, I do want to show you a faster way to get in front of more of the RIGHT people...hashtags!

Listen in to hear how to optimize your hashtag usage to bring thousands of new people to your account, how to go mini-viral on a tiny account, and the top three mistakes I see entrepreneurs make with hashtags (and how to avoid making them). This short and sweet episode is packed with tangible takeaways, so you’ll want to grab a pen and paper for this one!

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Favorite Takeaways From This Episode

  • Hashtags give you free traffic!
  • Think about hashtags like a visual search engine on Instagram.
  • Hashtags put you in front of people who are actively searching for...
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3 Mistakes Everyone Makes on Instagram

You just spent hours coming up with images, captions, and hashtags for your Instagram account.

Minutes, hours go by. No one showed up or responded to your amazing content. 

It seems like every time someone comes up with Instagram marketing tips or formulas to help you grow your engagement, the algorithm changes.

You can't seem to hit your stride.

Even when the algorithm changes, there seem to be three mistakes that Instagram users keep making which doesn't work for any formula.

So before you try to tackle next big Instagram marketing strategy, make sure that you're not making these 3 mistakes.

Instagram Mistake #1: Using the wrong hashtags

There's a lot of hashtags and it's easy to use the wrong one for your content. You could have the best image and amazing Instagram copy, but if you're using the wrong hashtags, you might not be engaging with your audience.

Make sure that your hashtags:

  • Aren't followed by millions of people. When you use hashtags that are generic, huge,...
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