How I Made $120,716 Dollars In 90 Days + BIG ANNOUNCEMENT (Q1 2022 Income Report)


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We are back with our first income report of 2022! Quarter 1 just wrapped, and I am actually recording this episode live on Instagram, @cubicletoceo. If you’re not already following us there make sure to go over and click the follow button. We post all kinds of informational and inspirational content on that account, so if you like to consume in more than one way, I think you will really enjoy what we post. Without further ado, I want to get into this episode and dive into this income report. Press play and we’ll talk about how 2022 started for my business!

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Q4 2021 Income Report, Breakdown of Our 7 Revenue Streams & Launch Numbers


Today we will be covering my Q4 2021 Income report, every 3 months I come on this podcast and share with you the numbers from my business (the revenue, the profits, the expenses), and my hope in doing so is to create more transparency in this online business industry and empower all of you with more financial insights that can help you in your businesses. 
 In this particular income report, I wanted to focus on 3 things. One, the overview of our Q4 numbers. Two, the breakdown of our different revenue streams in 2021, giving you a bigger picture overview of how my business made money over the last 12 months. And three, focus in on the case study of our launch with 22 other contributors, the Ultimate Instagram Bundle, that we put out at the end of last year. So grab a snack and settle in to hear about our financial details from 2021!

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Favorite Takeaways From This...

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Best Of 2021: 5 Tips You Need To Hear Again Before The New Year


Friends, we have made it to the end of another year! We want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported us throughout this year, and has tuned in every week to listen to the podcast to hear from the brightest minds in business. Our team loves producing this show as a passion project, and we are so happy you have followed along our journey, and learned alongside us!

As our final episode of the year, we thought it would be fun to clip snippets from your top 5 favorite episodes from this year. Press play as we reshare some of our favorite takeaways that you may have missed, or you might just need to hear again as we enter 2022!

Thank you all SO much for listening, and have a very happy holidays!

XO, Team Cubicle to CEO

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Q3 2021 Income Report: How I Made $132,365


I always look forward to the episodes where I share my quarterly income reports with you! Not only do you guys get to join me behind the scenes in my business, but it also allows me to reflect and debrief on everything that happens each quarter. These income reports are like an audio archive of my 90 day business sprints over the last few years. (If you’re interested in catching up on all of my previous income reports, go to for the full playlist so you can binge listen and catch up.)

Today I’ll share my Q3 2021 revenue, expenses, wins, and challenges with you. And in keeping with our new podcast structure, I’ll focus my case study on a key takeaway that you can apply to your own business today!

Check these out!

Listener of the week: Rosie Chhun of WonderCrafter!!

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Q2 2021 Income Report: The Unfiltered Story of Slow Growth, Low Profits, and $154,159 In 90 Days


It’s that time again! Let’s talk Q2 2021 and all of the wins and takeaways I’ve learned over the course of the last 3 months!

If you haven’t listened to my previous income reports, I invite you to listen to my past income reports first (if not all of them, at least my Q1 2021 report). These income reports aren’t meant to be consumed under the microscope of a single quarter, but rather build on each other to tell a cumulative story of my ever-evolving journey as a business owner. 

I really believe in the power of talking about finances, which is why I am just so excited to be able to share with you about all the successes, struggles, number breakdowns, and lessons I have learned this quarter. As business owners, we need to have these kinds of conversations because it’s hard, and it’s REALLY hard when you’re doing it on your own and you have no reference for what’s normal and what’s not. So let’s talk...

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The Reality of Making $250,654 In 90 Days And My First Six Figure Month (Q1 2021 Income Report)


Hey bookworm! Want to find a list of books written BY female entrepreneurs FOR female entrepreneurs? Check out the 12 Books Every Female Founder/Entrepreneur/CEO Should Read, curated by Suzanne Vetillart (CEO of Boma Jewelry) and I!

We are back at it again, friends! I can’t believe we are on our third year of talking about how much money we make and sharing it with the world. You guys have made it known how the transparency of our numbers, and our willingness to talk about this typically ‘taboo’ topic, has been beneficial for you guys to hear. So as long as you guys are loving it, I plan to keep sharing all of it with you!

A lot has happened in this last quarter and I think hearing all of the highs and lows of my business in the past 90 days will show you the actions you need to take sometimes as an entrepreneur with a growth mindset! It can be difficult to have to consciously make decisions knowing you won’t see the same growth that...

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How I Made $560,348 in 2020 (Q4 Income Report)


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It is the episode you have all been waiting for, the Q4 Income Report and 2020 Business Overview!

I am so excited for this episode because I am going to be super transparent with you about our finances, the revenue and the expenses, the profit margins, along with what went well and what didn't. 2020 taught me A LOT about my own business as my team and I tried and eliminated various different strategies throughout the year. If you're ready to hear me nerd out about everything that happened not only in the 4th quarter of our business, but all of 2020, then be sure to stick around. I hope you get some value from it!

Enjoy these income reports & want to catch up on previous ones? Check them out below!

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How I Made $209,264 in 90 Days (Q3 2020 Income Report)


This is the much anticipated episode where we are covering my quarter three income report, and how I made $209,264 in the last 90 days!

I went the most in depth I ever have in this episode, so I am so excited to share with you all the things that I’ve learned over the course of the last 90 days. We take a look at all of the expenses, the biggest shifts I’ve experienced, who we’ve hired and why, our targets moving forward as a company, and more. 

I bear it all for you guys, down to the dollar, so I really hope these reports provide value for you in your business and promote transparency in an industry that doesn’t always do so.  

Enjoy these income reports & want to catch up on previous ones? Check them out below!

Favorite Takeaways From This Episode

  • Sometimes as entrepreneurs we let our ego get in the way because of how...
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How I made $120,458.70 In 3 Months (Q2 2020 Income Report)


Welcome back to another quarterly income report! This episode is super special because it's the one year anniversary of this podcast! I can't believe this podcast has been around for a full year. I looked at the stats recently, and discovered that our little podcast has been listened to in 1300 cities across the globe! I am so full of gratitude to all of you guys who have supported this passion project by listening, leaving reviews, and coming alongside me in my journey. THANK YOU.

In this episode, I break down how I made over $100K so far this quarter, some of the biggest changes I've made in the last three months (hiring my first full-time employee), how my $27 tiny offer made 40% of my revenue this quarter, and the importance of pivoting and persisting in business.

If you want to learn more about what a tiny offer is, and how you can create a profitable tiny offer for your business, check out my good friend Allie Bjerk's program, Tiny Offer Lab.

Favorite Takeaways From...

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Income Report: How I Made $26,479.84 in July 2019


Service-based entrepreneurs, are you tired of being on the content hamster wheel + hustling for more followers without more income? I created a FREE, on-demand training just for you on how to use my step-by-step client attraction system to create your first $10K month, WITHOUT a large audience or complicated marketing strategies! Claim your bonus gift by watching now:

Want an inside look into my business finances? This episode is a behind the scenes breakdown of my highest revenue month EVER. I reveal exactly how I made $26,479.84 in July 2019, what my income streams and profit margin were, where I spent money (including my biggest expenses + best investments), and which number you should focus on when it comes to reviewing your own income report.

I started releasing monthly income reports in January 2019 in an effort to promote greater transparency in my entrepreneurial journey, and it's been so rewarding bringing you guys behind the scenes on my business...

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