Income Report: How I Made $26,479.84 in July 2019

Want an inside look into my business finances? This episode is a behind the scenes breakdown of my highest revenue month EVER. I reveal exactly how I made $26,479.84 in July 2019, what my income streams and profit margin were, where I spent money (including my biggest expenses + best investments), and which number you should focus on when it comes to reviewing your own income report.

I started releasing monthly income reports in January 2019 in an effort to promote greater transparency in my entrepreneurial journey, and it's been so rewarding bringing you guys behind the scenes on my business growth over the last half year. This will be my last monthly report but going forward, I will continue releasing quarterly income reports via email and sharing the insights with you on this podcast. Make sure you subscribe to both so you don't miss out!

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 It’s not about the money...

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