Perfect Doesn’t Work: The Science of Attraction in Sales

entrepreneurship instant appeal primal factors psychology science of attraction vicki kunkel Mar 01, 2021

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What makes someone instantly appealing? Why do we trust or gravitate toward certain public personas or brands more than others? Today’s guest is an expert on the science of attraction and she is going to blow your mind on how you can use this powerful psychology to improve your customer experience and grow your business. Vicki Kunkel is a serial education entrepreneur who has built a 200,000 subscriber training portal that she sold to an international consultancy in 2010, and her book “Instant Appeal” made Houston Business Chronicle’s list of “one of the top 10 business books to read”!

Vicki walks us through everything from the primal factors that influence our unconscious mind and how we perceive brands to the most creative ways  to add gamification to your online courses. She even scientifically breaks down why certain politicians have lost elections!

Trust me, you’ll want your notebook or Notes app nearby for this one. Keep listening to hear Vicki’s advice on subtle changes in phrasing that will hook in your audience, the top 3 recommendations you can implement in your business right now to increase your sales, and why the pursuit of being perfect will actually hurt your business.

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Favorite Takeaways From This Episode

  • The main primal factors that influence what we like and dislike.
  • How marketing messages change in times of stress vs times of prosperity.
  • How the Scrabble board game became a household name after initially flopping when it launched.
  • The subtle changes in phrasing that make all the difference for the better in your messaging.
  • Why gamification is so effective in training (especially with courses).
  • The top mistakes course creator newbies make.
  • Why it is better to be a bumbling idiot.
  • 7-17 syllables is the optimum amount to trigger a positive neurological reaction. 
  • The top 3 recommendations that everyone can implement immediately to improve their marketing and increase their sales.

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