The Secrets To Selling With Ease and Closing On Sales Calls With Stevie Marie

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If sales make you feel icky, anxious, or awkward, today’s interview is a must listen. I’m diving deep into sales with my friend Stevie Marie, founder of the Redesigned Empire. Stevie has 15 years of experience selling over $50 million dollars worth of products and services in everything from the auto industry to door to door sales and now online. We covered so many tangible takeaways you can implement immediately in your business, so listen in to find out the top 3 mistakes people make in sales, how to redirect rejection, and the play by play of a confident sales conversation from opening to close.

Favorite Takeaways From This Episode

  • Nothing beats face to face interaction and human to human connection-especially when it comes to conducting business.
  • Video marketing (Facebook Live, IG Live, etc.) is a great way to establish connection in the online space.
  • Building know, like, and trust is much easier when people can see your face.
  • People allow their ego to get in the way and don’t focus on the potential client. 
  • You should be thinking about how to serve THEM rather than, “what’s in it for me?”
  • People don’t guide people through problem solving enough. When selling, it’s important to help the potential client THROUGH an experience.
  • The conversation should be a form of excellence and empathy.
  • Ask people more questions about what they would like to experience.
  • Helping people not be so afraid to invest is crucial.
  • Ask people more questions when in a sales conversation.
  • Finding the emotional trigger that gets them to take action is important in selling without being ingenuine.
  • Most of your sales conversations should be spent listening.
  • You sell more than you think you sell.
  • You sell customer service, consistency, reliability, way more than just the product or service.
  • You are the authority & expert in the space, so YOU set the tone for the conversation.
  • Outline how the conversation will go before you start and ask “does that sound good to you?”
  • Guiding the conversation and talking the most are two TOTALLY different things.
  • Asking questions helps people sell to THEMSELVES.
  • You should not be afraid if the person you’re talking to isn’t the best fit to work with you.
  • Rejection is redirection.
  • Sales should be fun!
  • We have made money a taboo subject as a culture, so the more we normalize it, the better we can sell & steward an exchange of money for service.
  • Money is abundant, time is limited.
  • Communities thrive when their leaders are looking out for what’s best for their people rather than themselves.
  • Communities thrive when their leaders create an experience for their people and they leave changed.
  • You either evolve or die - you either choose to figure it out and become better, or you don’t solve the problem.
  • Being a CEO means leaving a legacy.


Connect With Stevie

  3. On IG: @thesteviemarie

What Did You Think?

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