5 Key Shifts To Take The Suck Out Of Sales Calls [Make $10K Months Series Pt. 4]

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In today’s installment of the $10K month series, we are going to talk about 5 key shifts that you can implement TODAY to take the suck out of sales calls. So if you are someone who always dreads getting on a sales call (also known as a discovery call), this is going to be for you! If you are a freelancer, coach, or service provider in specific, who relies on sales calls to turn leads into paying clients, these 5 shifts will massively increase your sales conversion rate. This means you will be able to land more clients with less leads. If you’re ready to make these shifts in your sales calls, then let’s dive in!


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Favorite Takeaways From This Episode:

  • “If you feel like your interests + clients’ interests are not aligned, that’s a huge problem”
  • Your only purpose on a sales call is to be a guide.
  • Listen more than you talk in a sales call.
  • “When you help someone make a decision, it means you have been of service to them.”
  • “Selling becomes a service when you give someone the clarity + the information they need to confidently decide their next step.” 
  • Suggest a specific service or solution based on what they have already communicated to you.
  • “By setting expectations upfront, it puts people at ease. If people know what to expect, they don’t feel taken by surprise or taken advantage of.”
  • Keep the call between 15-30 minutes.
  • Selling really should feel like a service.



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