My Q1 2020 Income Report (Staying Profitable Through COVID-19)

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My team and I wanted to do something to give back, so we're offering FIVE $100 grants to small business owners who need an economic boost right now. Apply here by April 13th (Easter):

I know a lot of you are worried right now. These are uncertain times, especially for small business owners, and I want to be sensitive to that. However, I believe this is actually a time to see your business thrive rather than shutting down, hiding, and focusing on the lack. Keep listening for my insights on how to profit through COVID-19, not from it, the best resources to protect your business financially right now, and an end of Q1 update on my business + reflection on the last three years of growth.

More Resources From This Episode:

1. The Economic Injury Disaster Loan
2. Payroll Protection Program
3. Kelli Loo CPA's Blog on the PPP SBA Loan
4. Kelli Loo CPA's Blog on CARES Act & SBA Loans
5. Gravy Solutions Blog
6. Hashtag Hacks $27 Mini-Course

 Favorite Takeaways From This Episode

  • It’s OKAY to profit through the pandemic, it’s not ok to profit FROM it.
  • You should NOT feel bad about continuing to grow your business during this time.
  • It’s important to not look at this time as business owners as a time to hide, but a time to show up MORE.
  • We all benefit when more money is exchanged, and it’s counter productive to hide.
  • You have a choice: you can continue to focus on the lack, or you can look for the opportunity.
  • It’s not your responsibility to decide for people what they can or cannot afford & use that as an excuse for not showing up.
  • Focus on what YOU can control.
  • Don’t let external circumstances stop you from showing up in your business.
  • Two programs you should be aware of: 
    • The Economic Injury Grant 
    • The Payroll Protection Program
  • Your mindset during this time is HUGE.
  • How quickly can you pivot to the online space if you’re not already online?
  • How else can you meet a need in the market right now?
  • Can you create an offer that’s lower in price?
  • Be mindful when it comes to your profit margins.
  • It’s always worth it to think about long-term vision & what you want to do day to day.

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