How To Get A 100% Response Rate On Your Emails & Build A Word Of Mouth Army

customer relationships email marketing entrepreneurship remote work video May 03, 2021

How are you building customer relationships in your business? Most businesses default to sending a coffee as a way to add personal touch, but the real key to connection is just making your customer feel like there is a human in your business that recognizes that they are human as well - not just another number.

Today’s CEO built a global company on the core value of connection, helping businesses strengthen the relationships that they have with their customers. Matt Barnett is the official ‘Papa Bear’ of Bonjoro, a product used to provide a unique and personalized approach to engaging directly with customers through video messages. And they’re not stopping there. Bonjoro is available in 27 languages and continues to innovate the customer experience space with new tools that automate processes, but never relationships. 

If you’re seeking insight on how to turn your customers into loyal brand evangelists and build a thriving affiliate program, then Matt’s your guy. Listen in to hear how personal video introductions helped Matt get a 100% response rate on his emails, how he scaled Bonjoro from 0 to 40,000 users in just 3 years entirely by word of mouth, and what it’s like to lead a business with a remote team spread across more than 5 countries.

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Favorite Takeaways From This Episode:

  • How a first date ended up starting his entrepreneurial journey.
  • How he made a personal introduction over video and ended up getting 100% response rates.
  • With Bonjoro, video is the vehicle by which you are building the relationship… its the time to treat the customer as a human.
  • A case study of how the video feature affected retention, inbound support, attitude of customer inquiry, and WOM.
  • The challenges he faces as the CEO of a subscription-based business.
  • The ways he went about getting loyal brand evangelists.
  • “Treat everyone equal because you do not know who is who”.
  • Advice for CEOs who are building remote teams.
  • Why you should consider the world in term for market + team.


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