How She Got 22 Million Views On YouTube THIS YEAR


Dzung is giving away a free copy of her Honeysuckle cookbook! Join our Cubicle to CEO Community Facebook Group and comment on the giveaway post what your favorite recipe to cook is! You definitely don't want to miss out on winning this collection of delicious recipes!

If content is king, then food is queen on this talented YouTuber’s channel. Here to talk about her journey to 1 million subscribers and beyond is content creator and author of The Honeysuckle Cookbook, Dzung Lewis!

After getting her degree and pursuing an unfulfilling career in finance, Dzung was actually laid off from her job as an analyst, but that ended up being a blessing in disguise. Dzung and her then boyfriend (now husband) dove headfirst into YouTube in 2009. By combining her love of cooking and his creative passion for production, they launched Honeysuckle, a channel with hundreds of mouthwatering recipes and high quality food content that have racked up over 22 million views this...

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How To Get A 100% Response Rate On Your Emails & Build A Word Of Mouth Army


How are you building customer relationships in your business? Most businesses default to sending a coffee as a way to add personal touch, but the real key to connection is just making your customer feel like there is a human in your business that recognizes that they are human as well - not just another number.

Today’s CEO built a global company on the core value of connection, helping businesses strengthen the relationships that they have with their customers. Matt Barnett is the official ‘Papa Bear’ of Bonjoro, a product used to provide a unique and personalized approach to engaging directly with customers through video messages. And they’re not stopping there. Bonjoro is available in 27 languages and continues to innovate the customer experience space with new tools that automate processes, but never relationships. 

If you’re seeking insight on how to turn your customers into loyal brand evangelists and build a thriving affiliate program,...

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