Podcast Growth Tips You Won't Hear Anywhere Else: How Hala Taha's Show Ranks #1 in Education Across All Apps & Makes 6 Figures/Year


Today’s case study features how Hala Taha grew a #1 podcast that generates 6-figures a year. I have been a podcast host in the space for two years now, but Hala shares unique tested podcast growth strategies I have not heard anywhere else, so you are in for a treat!

Hala transparently shares industry insights like the exact rates sponsors are willing to pay, how much she charges for ad spots and client packages, plus creative ways to monetize your show.

If you’ve never come across Hala before, she is the host of the Young & Profiting podcast, a show frequently ranked as the #1 education podcast across all platforms. She is also the CEO of YAP Media, a full service social media and podcast marketing agency for top podcasters, celebrities, and CEOs that generate $2 million in its first year alone. She is an incredibly impressive woman, so now it is time for you to push play and get ready to take some notes!!

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How You Can Make Big Bucks With A Small Podcast Audience


Where are my fellow podcasters at? This episode is for you if you want to grow your show!

Starting out as an Audio Engineer grad who caught the travel bug, Jeremy Enns knew he wanted to figure out a way to be able to work for himself from wherever he wanted. Now, after 5 years of deep diving into the podcast space and falling in love with marketing, he runs Counterweight Creative, a successful podcast production and marketing agency helping creatives build podcasts that market & grow themselves.

If you are a podcast host with a small  audience or you’ve hit a plateau in your monthly downloads, Jeremy is here to help you make your breakthrough! Keep listening to learn why launching a podcast shouldn’t be viewed as your primary audience builder, the most important people to pay attention to when trying to accelerate your podcast growth, and how his client with an average of 200 downloads pulled off a $300K launch.

Connect with Jeremy:

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