How This Mom Built A $46 Million Dollar Business at 46.


I am SO excited to introduce you to a dear friend and a favorite past client of mine, Amy Lacey. We took a trip down memory lane together and caught up on Amy’s inspiring journey of making a mid-life career pivot at age 46 and starting a business in an industry she had no prior experience in that has changed the food space forever.

Amy is the author of Cali’flour Kitchen and founder of Cali’flour Foods, the brand that pioneered the cauliflower pizza crust craze. After being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease in 2010, she realized she needed to change her eating habits. With the determination to find recipes to make healthy versions of her favorite foods like pizza, she discovered how amazing cauliflower based products are (despite having hated cauliflower most of her life). These days you can find Cali’flour Foods’ cauliflower pizza crusts, flatbreads, and other entrees in national chains like Safeway, WalMart, Whole Foods, and Kroger! After...

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