Career Advice from a Fortune 500 Marketer Turned Work-From-Home-Mom with Lesa Banks

I’m so thrilled to have my good friend and former client - Lesa Banks - on the show. Lesa is a former Fortune 500 marketer who successfully managed 9 figure business units. After a 13 year career in corporate America, she traded in business casual for PJ chic and founded her own brand, Pajama Marketer to stay at home with her two young sons.

Lesa now helps other moms make MORE money while spending LESS time away from their families. Listen to learn the challenges Lesa has faced in her transition to full time motherhood and entrepreneurship, as well as her best tips for negotiating like a pro and how to fast track your own career advancement.

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Favorite Takeaways From This Episode

It’s imperative that you are your number one advocate. Only you can advocate for yourself the way that you truly need to. Approach your leaders with a plan, and ask for what you want.


Make decisions and prepare yourself to make mistakes. Don’t...

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Think Like a Boss: Winning as a Female Exec. With Amy Wu

Join me in experiencing the wisdom and experience of my dear friend, Amy Wu. As a partner at Light Speed Venture Partners, she spends her time predominantly working with their growth team. Amy shares with us today her journey to the C-suite, her take on work-life balance, and how to succeed as a female leader in tech. Before her current role, she served as CFO in actually two different roles at Discovery and spent her time outside of the office satisfying her sense of adventure by summiting more than a dozen Alpine peaks over 10,000 feet high!

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Favorite Takeaways From This Episode:

There’s nothing wrong with making pivots in your career. We all often start our careers multiple times in our lives, and when we do that, it’s through the power of connection and taking risks that we end up finding our dream career. Sometimes you just have to be the one to raise your hand, and taking that chance will be rewarded. If you do not...

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