7 Essential Tips for Women Entrepreneurs Starting a Business

Written by: Emma Houston

Women entrepreneurs are breaking barriers and making notable strides every day. Globally, there are around 252 million women entrepreneurs while 153 million manage well-established businesses. In the last 20 years, the number of female entrepreneurs has increased by 114%. In the United States alone, there are about 12.3 million female entrepreneurs. 

Indeed, women are challenging the status quo, defeating gender inequality and discrimination, and staking their claim in the world of business.

For women who aren’t afraid of ruffling a few feathers, we present you with seven essential tips for women entrepreneurs who are starting a business. 


#1. Know your market. 

Put the odds in your favor by doing your research. Know your market as well as you can and don’t rush to establish a business based on a fixed and immovable timeline. 

How do you get to know your market? Spend time browsing through the internet to know your...

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Meet My Biz Besties (A Candid Chat On What’s Working, What To Ditch, and Why Friendship Is Crucial To Success)


Want to get your hands on some free gifts? Check out the pinned post in the Cubicle to CEO Community Facebook Group to learn how you can get access to an exclusive lesson from inside the Cubicle to CEO Membership, my client contract template from Honeybook (my favorite time-saving client management system), AND my guide sharing 32 ways to get leads fast!

Being an entrepreneur is a lonely journey if you don’t have people in your corner who understand the wild ups and downs of owning a business. You’re about to meet my biz besties, Laura Markz and Tessabella Jelten, who have been those people for me.

Despite having never YET (although we’re planning a trip) meeting each other in person, the three of us have texted, called, and FaceTimed through some of the best and worst times of each other’s lives over the last three years.

Having such motivated, insanely smart women on speed dial is a lifeline on the tough days in my business, and...

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Leverage Your Network, Education, and Brand With Julia Haber


Service-based entrepreneurs, are you tired of being on the content hamster wheel + hustling for more followers without more income? I created a FREE, on-demand training just for you on how to use my step-by-step client attraction system to create your first $10K month, WITHOUT a large audience or complicated marketing strategies! Claim your bonus gift by watching now:

Joining us on this episode is a force to be reckoned with, 23 year old Julia Haber. After completing internships at Snapchat and Spotify in college, Julia founded Wayv, a company that brings the heart of brands to college students through on-campus pop-up experiences. Julia shares how she leveraged networking to secure brand partnerships with Rent the Runway and Refinery29, her best tips for making the most of your college experience, and what it’s like to be a young CEO in New York City. 


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Favorite Takeaways From This Episode

Lean into what...

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