[$10K Launch Case Study] How She Sold Out A Course That Wasn't Created Yet


Today I want to introduce you to Aaminah Amin, one of our Paid to Create students who had a $10K launch on her course within a couple weeks of completing the challenge, and with less than 3000 followers!

If you’re new to our world, the Paid to Create Challenge is a bootcamp style experience where we help first time course creators turn the idea in their head into a course they can pre-sell (meaning you don’t need pre recorded lessons, a website, or sales page). We help you enroll paying students into your course within just 3 days. Sounds like a big promise, but we have helped over 400 people do exactly that. Aaminah is proof that the method works, so if you’re interested in getting your course out into the world, check out www.ellenyin.com/paidtocreate to hear about our upcoming challenge kicking off January 24th. 

Aside from yielding impressive results from the Paid to Create Challenge, Aaminah is a...

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How This Business Newbie Spent $0 of Her Own Money to Create and Launch Her First Digital Course.


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Today I have another student success story I want to celebrate with you! Claire Woodhouse is an incredible wife, mother, blogger, and now course creator! She is the founder of the Secretly Healthy Home blog, sharing delicious dessert recipes to help other women enjoy their sweet tooth without any guilt. Claire recently launched her Smart Sweet Tooth System through participating in my Paid to Create Challenge and enrolled 12 founding (aka “beta”) students in just 3 days, BEFORE she even created a single lesson! The cash injection from her beta launch allowed her to pay for her video + membership platform hosting costs so she could launch this product with zero dollars spent out of pocket for her expenses.

If you want access to the step-by-step Paid to...

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