Unscalable Strategies That Actually Create Scale: How FLIK Grew to 10K+ Members In A Surprising Way


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Today’s case study explores unscalable strategies that actually create scale. Now I know that sounds like an oxymoron, but we are here to talk to our guest, Michelle Kwok, about how she grew FLIK to 10,000+ members in a surprising way that didn’t require any funding. 

A little introduction to Michelle if you are unfamiliar with her… she is a medical science student turned social entrepreneur who co-founded FLIK, a platform connecting female leaders and learners across the world through meaningful career experiences. FLIK was recently acquired by Rumor Avenue, so Michelle now serves as a partner at Rumor Avenue as well as a part-time Chief of Staff of FLIK, in addition to leading operations for the longevity biotech fellowship at On Deck, an organization accelerating the top founders, operators, and investors looking to revolutionize the field of longevity science. She is so impressive as she has done all...

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How This Business Newbie Spent $0 of Her Own Money to Create and Launch Her First Digital Course.


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Today I have another student success story I want to celebrate with you! Claire Woodhouse is an incredible wife, mother, blogger, and now course creator! She is the founder of the Secretly Healthy Home blog, sharing delicious dessert recipes to help other women enjoy their sweet tooth without any guilt. Claire recently launched her Smart Sweet Tooth System through participating in my Paid to Create Challenge and enrolled 12 founding (aka “beta”) students in just 3 days, BEFORE she even created a single lesson! The cash injection from her beta launch allowed her to pay for her video + membership platform hosting costs so she could launch this product with zero dollars spent out of pocket for her expenses.

If you want access to the step-by-step Paid to...

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Bootstrapping, Raising Venture Capital, & Mental Health in Entrepreneurship with Tea Drops Founder, Sashee Chandran


Joining me today is the inspiring founder of Tea Drops, Sashee Chandran. Tea Drops can be found in over 3,000 retail stores nationwide, as well as online and on The Home Shopping Network. Sashee’s innovative product has been featured in Forbes, the Los Angeles Times, and Oprah Magazine, counting the likes of mega celebrities like Michelle Obama and Chrissy Tiegen as fans. But, the true source of pride for Sashee and her company is the community and human connections fostered by making loose leaf tea more accessible and convenient for all. In our interview, Sashee shares how she bootstrapped and scaled her company, why a “no,” is actually a positive thing, and the importance of prioritizing mental health as an entrepreneur. 

If you want to try Tea Drops yourself, Sashee was kind enough to give our listeners a special discount! Use code (SPILLTHETEA) at to save 20% on your order


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