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We have received hundreds, if not THOUSANDS of podcast pitches over the years we have been podcasting, and if there is one thing that we noticed it’s that many of them are just not good! Whether it is someone pitching themselves, or a publicist pitching for their client, the pitches are missing this one big thing that is really eye-catching and warrants a response. Want to guarantee a response to your next podcast pitch and receive a special invite to be a beta tester for our brand new product? Keep listening!

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Favorite Takeaways From This Episode:

  • We have received a lot of...
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Everything You Need To Know About Funding Your Business + How/Why Lara Hodgson Raised $9.5 Million For Now®️


If you’re sick of chasing late invoices, you’re going to love today’s episode.

Lara Hodgson is the President and CEO of Now®, an innovative company she co-founded with Stacey Abrams. Now® is the first payment solution that allows B2B companies to get paid immediately while enabling a businesses’ customers to pay later. She serves as an Entrepreneur in Residence at Harvard Business School and is an internationally recognized speaker, leading seminars on creativity, innovation and access to capital.

Lara takes us behind the scenes in the pitch room to demystify how Now® raised $9.5 million in funding so even those without a finance background can clearly understand. I know many of you listening to this podcast may not need or want to go the path of getting investors or raising venture capital, which is why you’ll appreciate Lara’s practical approach to how to evaluate when you actually need money, how much to ask for, ways to...

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How To Pivot, Pitch Like A Pro, and Find Your Purpose With Julie Solomon, Host of The Influencer Podcast


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Okay, full circle moment here! The woman who put me behind the podcast mic for the very first time four years ago is now a guest on our show! I could not be more thrilled to interview someone I’ve known for years, Julie Solomon.

A powerhouse in the online business space with over a decade of PR, branding, and marketing experience, Julie is the creator of Pitch It Perfect & Shine. However, You probably know her best from her chart-topping show, The Influencer Podcast, which boasts millions of downloads in 170 countries worldwide.

One of my favorite things about Julie is that she gives it to you straight, so we get honest about how to make...

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