The Future Of Influencer Marketing + Why Every Brand Needs It


It feels like everyone these days wants to get sponsored and tap into the world of influencer marketing, but today’s guest was one of the first to explore the potential of influencer marketing when she started her agency nearly 7 years ago.

Lindsey Heppner is the founder and CEO of VAMPPED., the leading creative and talent management agency based in Los Angeles. After facing a near death experience, Lindsey reevaluated everything in her life, and found herself spearheading the influencer movement. Now, she manages talent from micro-influencers to some of the biggest names in social media right now, and has worked with mega brands like Bumble, Sugar Bear Hair, PacSun, and many more. 

This conversation was such a blast to record, and just talking with Lindsey got my creative juices flowing. Press play to hear why micro-influencers are brands’ secret weapons and how to make a ton of noise when you need to get scrappy and market like a disruptor.

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From Broke Single Mom to 7 Figure CEO with the Queen of Social Media, Rachel Pedersen


This conversation is extra special because we’re chatting with my friend and one of my business mentors, Rachel Pedersen. Deemed the “Queen of Social Media”, Rachel is the founder & CEO of award-winning social media marketing agency, the Viral Touch, and creator of Social Media United, a leading online education platform for social media managers. Rachel gets transparent on bouncing back from a public business flop, embracing the role of being a breadwinning woman as a now married mother of three, why TikTok is the future of social media, and her story of going from struggling single mom to replacing her 9-5 income within 6 months of working with clients and scaling multiple businesses now to 7 figures and beyond. 

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Favorite Takeaways From This Episode

  • If you don’t celebrate your first win, the next ones will be harder to come by because you won't know how to recognize them.
  • Celebrate EVERY win, otherwise you continue to...
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Showing Vulnerability + Authenticity On Social Media (More Than Just Buzzwords) With Sarah Nicole


Today we’re chatting with one of the most genuine and positive people on the Internet, Sarah Nicole, creator of The Birds Papaya. Sarah is a 30-something mom of three, writer, speaker, podcaster and self-proclaimed lover of peanut butter off the spoon. What started as a small blog ten years ago with The Birds Papaya, has grown into an online community of over 700,000 followers. In today’s conversation, Sarah shares her journey of losing over 100 pounds + going through a divorce at the same time, how to navigate polarizing topics on social media through self-reflection, and her insight on how to share your own story in a vulnerable + authentic way that invites others to join the conversation. 

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Favorite Takeaways From The Show

 In the world that we live in, it's important to make sure that you are aware of what information you're taking in. Whether for education or inspiration, it isn't valuable to you if everyone you...

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