Q3 2021 Income Report: How I Made $132,365


I always look forward to the episodes where I share my quarterly income reports with you! Not only do you guys get to join me behind the scenes in my business, but it also allows me to reflect and debrief on everything that happens each quarter. These income reports are like an audio archive of my 90 day business sprints over the last few years. (If you’re interested in catching up on all of my previous income reports, go to for the full playlist so you can binge listen and catch up.)

Today I’ll share my Q3 2021 revenue, expenses, wins, and challenges with you. And in keeping with our new podcast structure, I’ll focus my case study on a key takeaway that you can apply to your own business today!

Check these out!

Listener of the week: Rosie Chhun of WonderCrafter!!

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How to Build An Email Opt-In Form With Flodesk


If you would like a 30-day FREE trial of Flodesk, AND lock in a lifetime 50% discount for your business, sign up for an account at ! (Offer ends November 2nd, 2021)

In the world of online business, there are very few ways that you can actually own your audience. Even if you have hundreds of thousands of followers, your connections with them are completely under the control of the platform they are on. If Instagram decides to malfunction or Facebook is shut down, what do you have left? This is why you need an email list. A list of your audience members and a means to connect with them.

Our absolute favorite email software is Flodesk! With them, it is unbelievably easy to curate beautiful emails that match your brand (+ don't break the bank as your list size increases). In this post we will be sharing with you how to make a custom email opt-in form that you can create and add to your website in 10 minutes!


Why You...

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The Exact Video Ad Strategies Harmon Brothers Used To Grow Lume’s Sales From $1.5 Million to $23 Million In One Year


Even if you don’t know him by name, you’ve seen and know his work. Today’s guest is the CEO of Harmon Brothers, the ads agency behind the most viral video ads in internet history, responsible for turning brands like Poo~Pourri, Lume, Squatty Potty, OraBrush, and Purple mattress into household names. Harmon Brothers has collectively driven more than 1 billion views and over $300 million in sales through its groundbreaking social media ads.

A man of reinvention, Benton’s journey to becoming CEO is unconventional and full of surprises. I won’t give away the details of his story here in the intro, but what you can look forward to is Benton’s highly applicable insights as he takes us behind the scenes on the specific ad strategies that grew their client Lume from $1.5 million in sales to grossing $23 million in just one year. You may not grow by over 1,000% revenue in one year, but you too can turn “poop to gold” - the title of...

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How To 10x Launch Engagement With Norby’s Tools For Creators & Brands


Norby has been a game changer for our business. If you are looking for a platform that can directly connect you with your community and increase live showup rates, as well as get in-depth analytics, optimize your link in bio, and allow your audience to refer you to their own network, then sign up for a 2-week free trial with Norby! (P.S if you add in your card info in those first two weeks, you get an additional month free. That's 6 WEEKS of free Norby use! Definitely something you don't want to miss out on!)

If you receive our weekly podcast texts on Mondays, then you have today’s guest to thank for keeping you up to speed. Sam Safer is co-founder and COO of Norby, a venture-backed startup building the marketing stack for creators, community leaders, and emerging brands. Although she is currently changing the social tech space for creators, her resume spans working for startups like Bulletin and legacy brands like the V&A and The Metropolitan Museum of...

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How Gwen Lane Made $1 Million From Investing $100K


Want to learn how to get premium partnerships from someone who's worked with brands like Disney, Facebook, Google, American Airlines, Target, Starbucks, Nike and more? Check out Gwen's program, Seven Figure Influencer, where she helps influencers, content creators and entrepreneurs pitch premium partnerships & sell digital offers to their audience 24/7.

Welcome back to the show, friends! This begins a new era on our podcast where we’ll be bringing you weekly interviews with the best & brightest in business to share each founder’s Cubicle to CEO story, breakdown one specific case study with tangible takeaways to apply today, and reveal the person behind the business in our just-for-fun lightning round.

I knew my friend Gwen would be the perfect debut for this new show format, so let me introduce her real quick.

Gwen Lane went from digital marketer to lifestyle blogger to business mentor and now founder of the Seven Figure Influencer program. After...

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How To Change The Favicon For Your Kajabi Site

Want to try Kajabi out for your business? Go to for a 30 day free trial!

What the heck is a favicon? We promise you already know what it is, even if you weren't sure it had a name. Look at all your tabs open on your browser... see the logo next to the page title? That, dear friends, is a favicon. If you are anything like us, you have approximately 1,000 tabs open at a single time. Having a favicon for your site makes it SO much easier to stay organized and easily hop between sites.


Why You Should Set Up Your Own Favicon

Before we uploaded our own favicon, the default was the Kajabi logo (our domain's host site). While we LOVE Kajabi, this made it really confusing for us to determine which was our site and which wasn't. Not exactly efficient when you're trying to get your work done. Now that we have changed the favicon, not only has it become easier to locate our pages among our many other tabs, but it really feels like our online...

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7 Essential Tips for Women Entrepreneurs Starting a Business

Written by: Emma Houston

Women entrepreneurs are breaking barriers and making notable strides every day. Globally, there are around 252 million women entrepreneurs while 153 million manage well-established businesses. In the last 20 years, the number of female entrepreneurs has increased by 114%. In the United States alone, there are about 12.3 million female entrepreneurs. 

Indeed, women are challenging the status quo, defeating gender inequality and discrimination, and staking their claim in the world of business.

For women who aren’t afraid of ruffling a few feathers, we present you with seven essential tips for women entrepreneurs who are starting a business. 


#1. Know your market. 

Put the odds in your favor by doing your research. Know your market as well as you can and don’t rush to establish a business based on a fixed and immovable timeline. 

How do you get to know your market? Spend time browsing through the internet to know your...

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BRB... New Beginnings


Get ready Cubicle to CEO Community! Something new is on the way!

We are taking the month of September off to bring a whole new episode structure to the Cubicle to CEO Podcast. In October we will continue to bring you the best and brightest in business, but with more focus on case studies and strategies that you can take away and implement yourself. We hope you're as excited to hear these new episodes as we are to share them with you!

In the meantime, catch up on old episodes, revisit your favorites, and DM us @cubicletoceo on Instagram to get a custom playlist of episodes that will help you in your business!

Mark your calendars, and I'll talk to you again on October 4th!

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How To Make A Coupon Code For Your Offer Using Kajabi

Want to try Kajabi out for your business? Go to for a 30 day free trial!

Let's face it. Everyone loves a coupon! If you're anything like us, getting any amount off of full price make you do a little happy dance. If you are wanting to be able to provide your loyal customers with discounts on your products/digital offers, then let us teach you! In fact, Kajabi makes it SO easy to create coupon codes to promote to your audience, we can teach you in less than 3 minutes. Keep reading to learn how to create these codes with ease using our #1 favorite digital marketing platform!


How to make your coupon code!
  • Start in the 'Sales' category on the left sidebar.
  • Click the 'Coupons' section.
  • Click 'New Coupon' in the top right hand corner.
  • Choose if you want to make a single coupon or bulk codes for your offer.
    • A single coupon code can be used by an unlimited amount of customers during the time when it is live.
    • You'll want to create bulk codes...
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The Questions Real Small Business Owners Are Asking on Scaling, Hiring, Investing & More


Calling all BIPOC entrepreneurs! Comcast Rise wants to help YOU with consulting, media, and creative production services, advertising sales, and technology upgrades as part of their multi-year, multi-faceted initiative launched to help strengthen small businesses hard hit by COVID-19. CLICK HERE to learn more and apply for this amazing opportunity!

The community that we have created with Cubicle to CEO never ceases to amaze me. This week’s episode was actually recorded live because it just so happened that I reached 25,000 friends on my personal Instagram account on the 25th of August. To celebrate, I hopped on live for 25 minutes to answer the questions that have been on my audience’s minds.

They asked some incredible, high-quality questions about how to continue to scale after hitting your first $10K month, tips for hiring, why email lists are important, how to audit your IG account, and when is the right time to invest in your business. Press...

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